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Lockdown Diaries - part 2
Onto our volunteers next.

We already knew that Coast Care volunteers are a clever bunch, but it’s been astonishing to hear how many different ways that they’ve used their lockdown.

One of our volunteers, Penny, is clever with a crochet hook and her knitting needles. She made this absolutely stunning bunting, which is like a who’s who of British plants and butterflies. 

Stunningly biodiverse crocheted bunting

She’s also been busy knitting some of our most recognisable bird species.

Knitted Bluetit

Knitted Swallow

Lots of our volunteers are happiest when they’re outside. Many of them have been out exploring our beautiful region, and appreciating the peace and quiet that being locked-down in the least populous county in the country brought with it. Plenty have caught the beach-cleaning bug, so our beaches have been well cared for in our absence. Many of our Footpath Monitors and Site Wardens used their government-sanctioned daily exercise to keep their efforts going. Two of our most recent recruits, Chris and Maureen, moved to the area last August so this has been their first Northumbrian summer. Since the restrictions have eased, they’ve been exploring the Northumberland Coastal Path in sections and have also been tackling St. Oswald's Way from Rothbury as far as Bamburgh as a way to get to know their new home and enjoy the wildlife along the way. 

"I met some wonderful people and really felt that my work helped make a difference to my local area."

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