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The Coast Care Trust regd. Charity
CIO set up for Coast Care, Donations welcomed to support volunteering on the Northumberland Coast AONB

Did you know we recently set up a CIO charity for Coast Care "The Coast Care Trust" our charity registered number is 1196390 and we are banking with the Unity Trust Bank. 

All the funding that comes in will help resources our large volunteer network providing PPE clothing, Tools and Equipment for practical conservation tasks, help with wildlife surveying and beautification projects on the Northumberland coast AONB, as well as providing training for volunteers for things like first aid courses, so it's really appreciated for any help you can give. 

Last year our 90+ volunteers committed 5000+hrs of volunteer time helping maintain and keep the Coast line beautiful for both people and for wildlife.

If your feeling philanthropic as an individual or as a business we would really appreciate your support with a Donation, get in touch with us by dropping us an email at or

"I met some wonderful people and really felt that my work helped make a difference to my local area."

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