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Meet our lead volunteers

Coast Care have many great volunteers, including our lead volunteers that you will see regularly at our activities leading sessions. These volunteers are all leadership and first aid trained and a great addition to our team.

Andy P Photo

My name is Andy and I had been a regular visitor to the North Northumberland Coast for over fifty years before finally deciding to settle here in 2016. I was first introduced to the area by my Grandparents in the Sixties and immediately fell in love with its natural beauty. The land of Coast and Castles has changed little over those years and its magic still resonates with me today.

I have always taken a great deal of pride in the environment that I live in so it was an easy decision to join like minded people in clean up and conservation orientated activities. As a volunteer with Coast Care I have had the opportunity to develop new skills, learn more about the environment and the wildlife we share it with but above all have met with some extraordinary people who are prepared to give up their free time to ensure this part of our coastline remains as beautiful as ever. 

Being a Coast Care Lead Volunteer is an extremely rewarding role. As well as the associated benefits of working outdoors and meeting like minded volunteers who share a passion for this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it also allows me the opportunity to maintain and in some cases improve the coastal areas that matters the most to me.

John Everitt Photo

Hi my name is John.

I have been volunteering and occasionally leading with CoastCare for the last few years. I am primarily interested in the more active activities and have spent a fair amount of time at Embleton Quarry and also helping remove the Sea Buckthorn at Beadnell and ivy from the Bamburgh castle ramparts. I have recently taken the opportunity to do some of the plant/species monitoring so I can identify some of the items we walk by every day.

My wife Patty and I live on top of Alnwick Moor and are putting a lot of skills we have learnt to good use in the paddock near our house, which I would describe as a wild life friendly area (another way of saying overgrown)

I originally joined Coast Care when I retired and moved to Northumberland, and have found it a great way of making friends, and getting out and meeting like minded people.

Long may it continue.

We have recently been registering Coast Care (The Coast Care Trust) as a charity with the charity commission. The purpose of this is to give us the opportunity to raise money that we can use for Coast Care activities, which could be any thing from on-going training, new tools, project equipment etc. The money raised will mainly come from donations from local businesses or corporate events run by Mark, but we are also looking at a few other ways of raising money.

The charity was accepted by the Charity Commission at the end of November, and we are now setting up a bank account so we can start to raise money.

Joyce Photo

I’m Joyce and I’m a native Northumbrian and feel very lucky to live here. We lived in the midlands for a while but came back every year to holiday on the coast until we were able to return permanently with our young family.

Outdoors, I love walking, cycling or just “fossicking” on the beach and am interested in all forms of natural history. Indoors I enjoy music, good books and the occasional spreadsheet.

I get quite agitated about how wasteful we are as a society so I do my best to keep stuff out of the bins, and I’m a bit of a plastic warrior at the supermarket

I’ve been a volunteer since 2017 and like to get involved in lots of different activities, from beach cleans to citizen science projects, anything that contributes to caring for our beautiful coastline and its hinterland.

Hello, I'm Chris and I moved up to Northumberland from Nottingham in 2019. Once settled into our new home my main objective was to find a rewarding volunteering project. I found Coast Care. Since a very welcoming first day on a beach clean I have been involved in many projects:- Bird and Sea Watch surveys, Owl box making, footpath repairs, hedge laying and many more. (How many people can say they have been babysitting Ringed Plover chicks on the beach) Being a volunteer has also helped me get to know the area quicker than I may have and to meet many like minded people. Chris

Chris Cobb
Volunteer lead

Our Partners

We are working together with Northumberland Coast AONB to look after our coastal environment.

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"I met some wonderful people and really felt that my work helped make a difference to my local area."

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