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Guide/Walk Leader


1. Providing on-site guidance for visitors and the general public at named sites

2. Leading walks or activities

3. Engaging visitors and the public in activities which raise awareness and generate support

4. Promoting the core values of Coast Care

Existing skills & Experience needed

Previous experience of guiding or willing to undertake training - Essential

Risk assessment and health & safety training (provided by Coast Care) - Essential

Excellent rapport with the public - Essential

Effective communication skills (keeping in touch and providing updates/reports) - Essential

Knowledge of Northumbrian coast, wildlife, habitats or heritage - Desirable

Record volunteering on "Better Impact" (volunteer database, training provided)- Essential

Skills Development offered

  • Training in risk assessment and health & safety
  • First aid training depending on commitment and availability
  • Specialist heritage skills/knowledge training
  • Opportunity to attend volunteer networking days hosted by Coast Care and partner organisations
  • Opportunity to build experience for career development

Support Available

  • Personal protective equipment will be provided when needed
  • Support and advice will be provided by project and partner staff
  • ID badge will be provided

Time Commitment Needed

Volunteers will be added to a list of people who can be called on for events or open days. At some sites, guiding teams will be needed on a weekly basis through the summer period. Out of season and at less well visited sites, volunteer opportunities will be occasional and as needed.

Any other releveant information

  • All volunteers are expected to adhere to health & safety and other policy requirements
  • Guides/Walk Leaders will take on reasonable levels of responsibility – appropriate checks will be undertaken for individuals applying to this role
  • Volunteers may work with support workers as appropriate
  • There may be limited access to facilities – please bring a packed lunch and drinks

For more information

Tel: 07816 603953

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"I met some wonderful people and really felt that my work helped make a difference to my local area."

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