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Site Warden


1. Reporting incidents within the community or designated site

2. Carrying out minor repairs/conservation works (with guidance from Coast Care team)

3. Observing coastal damage and erosion

4. Conducting beach cleans

5. Recording injured or deceased wildlife

6. Recording data and reporting to Coast Care team

Existing skills & Experience needed

Commitment to working outdoors in all weathers - Essential

Physically able to conduct beach surveys/beach cleans - Essential

Physically able to carry out each practical task (details provided in advance) - Essential

Risk assessment and health & safety training (provided by Coast Care) - Essential

Effective communication skills (keeping in touch and providing updates/reports) - Essential

Record volunteering on "Better Impact" (volunteer database, training provided)- Essential

Skills Development offered

  • Training in risk assessment and health & safety
  • First aid training depending on commitment and availability
  • 'On task training' in use of tools, practical conservation techniques/practice, ID skills
  • Specialist heritage skills training
  • Machinery training (e.g. strimmer/brushcutter) depending on commitment and availability
  • Opportunity to attend volunteer networking days hosted by Coast Care and partner organisations
  • Opportunity to build experience for career development

Support Available

  • Personal protective equipment will be provided
  • Support and advice will be provided by project and partner staff
  • ID badge will be provided

Time Commitment Needed

A regular commitment is required but this can be in your own time. However, regular timesheets will be required and volunteers must keep in regular contact with the Coast Care project team.

Any other releveant information

  • All volunteers are expected to adhere to health & safety and other policy requirements
  • Volunteer Wardens will take on reasonable levels of responsibility – appropriate checks will be undertaken for individuals applying to this role
  • Volunteers may work with support workers as appropriate

For more information

Tel: 07816603953

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