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Why Volunteer?

Coast Care is a volunteer scheme designed to help people to conserve and manage the beautiful Northumbrian coastline.The area faces a number of challenges from coastal erosion, the impact of invasive species and increased pressure from human activities.

Make a difference in an area you care about.

Volunteering with Coast Care you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to our historic, natural and cultural environment forever. We work with other conservation organisations up and down the coast - our reach is big! Our volunteers are so important to protecting the northumbrian coastline.They are integral to everything we do. The conservation sector simply wouldn't run without the help of volunteers.

Some of our volunteers have recently moved to Northumberland and are looking to become a part of the local community. Others are lifelong Northumbrians who want to give back to the environment that has given them so much. 

Learn something new. 

You don't have to be an expert! All training and equipment is provided - you just need enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. As a volunteer you'll have the opportunity to learn new skills or develop existing interests. Coast Care has a range of volunteering opportunities suitable for all abilities and backgrounds. Our volunteers have learned wildlife surveying techniques, practical skills like dry stone walling and tree planting and gained qualifications such as first aid and using brushcutters.

Improve your wellbeing, protect your physical and mental health and reduce the impact of social isolation.

Volunteering is great for your physical and mental health. It's proven to make you happy, as levels of good hormones and brain activity spike during volunteering. Our activities are mostly active, so are fantastic for getting outside and keeping fit and healthy. Getting outdoors and connecting with nature is really important for our wellbeing .

Volunteering is also an excellent opportunity to socialise, meet like-minded people and make meaningful connections. You will become a valued member of our team while gaining confidence in your abilities and enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done. The majority of our volunteers are retired, and many of them tell us how important it has been for providing them with a sense of purpose and identity, and preventing them from becoming isolated and lonely. We take regular breaks for a chat, and the tea and biscuits are always on hand. It's also just fun to get involved with us!

With our societies growing consciousness about the climate crisis and problems facing our natural world, anxiety about the environment is very real. Many people are very worried, and rightly so - the stats make for glum reading. The most recent State of Nature Report assessed 8,431 species, 15% of which are threatened with extinction. Populations of 41% of our species have declined since 1970. We have 2,000 established invasive species in the country, and our total number of breeding birds have fallen by 44 million between 1967 and 2009. It's easy to feel overwhelmed faced with such a huge problem, and many people are unsure how they can help.Taking action is the best way to ease the anxiety we feel for our natural world. Volunteering with an environmental initiative is a great way to do your bit, and also reduces stress and combats depression.

Gain career benefits.

For some, volunteering can be a great way to get back into employment or an invaluable way to build your experience as you look for your dream job. Volunteering with Coast Care, you will develop and gain new skills which can enhance your CV and improve your employment prospects.

We will support you to gain professional knowledge and experience and can also provide valuable employment references when required.

Coast Care volunteers play an important role in the protection and management of the beautiful Northumbrian coastline. If you would like to submerge yourself in local history, get up close and personal with wildlife and help to conserve an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty then get in touch. We don't have any expectation of how much you will volunteer. There is no pressure to give a certain amount of time. You might volunteer for one activity, or maybe you'll become a core part of the team. Any time you donate is greatly appreciated, and will add to the impact we can have.

Being a Coast Care Lead Volunteer is an extremely rewarding role. As well as the associated benefits of working outdoors and meeting like minded volunteers who share a passion for this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it also allows me the opportunity to maintain and in some cases improve the coastal areas that matters the most to me.

Andy P

Our Partners

We are working together with Northumberland Coast AONB to look after our coastal environment.

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"I met some wonderful people and really felt that my work helped make a difference to my local area."

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