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Coast Care is growing - and getting busier by the week!

We have had a very busy few months at Coast Care, and the momentum is at full speed! We now have 152 volunteers and they have delivered 3509 hours of support this year to date. Here are some examples of our current projects:

Habitat creation and management:

  • 2 Barn Owl sheds have been built and erected at Warkworth
  • 9 Barn Owl boxes to be installed across the AONB
  • Bearded reedling nest boxes at Low Newton ponds
  • Vegetation management at Embleton Quarry
  • Alnmouth ponds willow coppicing, Himalyan Balsam and reed removal.

Space for Shorebirds - our relationship with the team goes from strength to strength:

  • 95 volunteers (including corporate groups) have accumulated over 200 hours removing the invasive Pirri Pirri Burr from the dunes at Druridge Bay, Bamburgh and Cocklawburn
  • 18 volunteers were enthusiastically invested in the Ringed Plover Nest protection sessions - ‘Chick Watch’ - accumulating 269 hours across Amble, Beadnell and Seahouses
  • 10 volunteers supported by attending Public Survey evaluation training delivered by Katherine Williams and Richard Willis, then successfully obtaining 52 completed surveys from Boulmer, Newbiggin ByThe Sea, Goswick and Beadnell.

Northumberland Coast Path

  • We delivered the event ‘Discover the NCP Coast path’ where we walked the 62 miles of path over 6 Fridays
  • Following the positive social media coverage of this, we recruited wardens and provided training, supported by our colleagues Tony Derbyshire and Phil Bradley from Neighbourhood Services at Northumberland County Council
  • We now have 32 active wardens with full coverage across the AONB, which is generating further volunteer tasks to maintain and improve access along the path.

Community engagement:

  • We exhibited Coast Care at the Aln Valley Railway and Warkworth shows, during which we had many meaningful conservations with the public, raised money through sales and donations and recruited 7 new volunteers
  • Newcastle University Student placements – recruitment commences in November and we can welcome up to 4 students
  • We are running regular and well attended Corporate Volunteer days, where we welcome business and teams to join us to carry out meaningful conservation tasks on the coast.

Citizen Science projects, to include:

  • Rocky Shores Surveys in support of Berwickshire and Northumberland Marine Conservation Society
  • Beach wash-up data collection surveys – training was provided by Alison Douglas from the Environment Agency, to monitor coastal pollution, particularly after severe weather events
  • Great British Beach Clean – data collection for the Marine Conservation Society.

Finally, Ellie our Countryside Worker Apprentice is fitting in very well with volunteers and is a welcome member to the team!

"I met some wonderful people and really felt that my work helped make a difference to my local area."

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