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Marching On
Marching on a a fight against Invasive species and Footpath wardening to repairs and improve the Coast path network


In August we marched on with a number of tasks from our Crusade against the dreaded invasive Piri Piri burr weed, at numerous sites and pulling invasive Himalayan Balsam on the pond margins at Alnmouth. 

With our regular volunteer alongside some corporate social responsibility teams on away days, we got stuck into several heavily infested Path edges and Piri Piri blanket covered areas, where in some cases near total domination had occurred effecting our our nationally important botanically Dune grassland systems.

We also marched on with Path Wardening patrols across the AONB footpath network; resulting in work party days on the English Coast Path and Northumberland Coast Path targeting waymarking improvements and minor repairs to the Footpath networks to help the many walkers and trail users. 

"I met some wonderful people and really felt that my work helped make a difference to my local area."

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